has evolved to create a service of architectural design

that covers both the aesthetic as well as the functional aspects of delivering a home that blends in with its environment.

to create a place to live in that is above the minimum standard of the building code, using products that perform and produce heathier results for the people to live in. There are different design philosophies to consider when looking at creating a healthy home – Passive House, Green Star Houses, Eco Homes they all have something to offer and consider in the creation of your home.

tocreate works as a partnership between you (the client) and the different consultants (engineer, surveyor, planner, builder), so that all of these professional groups will contribute and work together to achieve a unique design for your home.

Glynis Smith

Director / Architectural Designer

Glynis has worked in the architectural industry since 2009 and gained experience as an Architectural Designer. Having done contract work for a variety of architects, designers, design & build companies, independent clients and home owners. Glynis has had the privilege of working for SHA Architecture on commercial design, Sang Architects with Passive House Design and in the SNUG Competition organised by Prefab NZ.

Memberships / Qualifications

- Licensed Building Practitioner in Design 2 (LBP)
- National Diploma in Architectural Technology (NDAT)
- Professional Member of Architectural Designers New Zealand (ADNZ)
- Member of the Superhome Movement